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remembering alex

Alex’s Assoian’s love of music started a very early age. Before he could even walk, Alex’s mother watched him pick out notes on a Muppet-decorated keyboard and often wondered if her son would fall in love with music. By age three, Alex was introduced to classical music and soon requested cello lessons. He studied classical cello and music theory through private instruction which eventually evolved into his enrollment at the Mannes College of Music Preparatory Division at the age of nine. At ten, he participated in a music festival in the Netherlands and returned to the United States with a new passion: rock and roll!

Although Alex continued to take classical cello lessons for another year, he found himself becoming part of a new community of musicians, guided by a committed and talented producer who brought together talented young musicians and taught them musicianship and how to collaborate. His world expanded with the addition of learning to play guitar and keyboard. This early exposure to the creative process helped fuel Alex’s passion for “playing out” and by thirteen he began playing backup for singers at open mics (live performances).

The bands he joined or formed through his teens were his primary focus and his band mates soon came to realize that Alex meant business. But it wasn’t until he started producing other bands, and recording them in his home studio, that he realized his true calling: producing and helping other musicians find their sound.

Music either has soul or it doesn’t

Alex Assoian was a great motivator - guiding musicians to recognize their own passions. His influence helped build a musical community of artists collaborating on each other’s projects with truly unprecedented enthusiasm. He was helping to expand the Greater Orlando (Florida) music scene by supporting local talent and sponsoring concerts.

A true visionary, Alex co-founded The Music Lab, LLC in Winter Park, Florida. It was a place where musicians of all ages, playing all genres of music, at all levels of experience could come together to learn, rehearse, record and make dreams come true.

The Music Lab was the realization of Alex Assoian’s lifelong dream; to keep making music and to help others make their own sound.

with passion anything is possible